Screenshotting Composite Images on macOS Tutorial

Screenshotting Composite Images on macOS Tutorial

Screenshotting Composite Images on macOS Tutorial

Screenshotting can occur …

  • control-command-shift-3 on macOS
  • PrtScn key on Windows

… is a procedural documenter’s best friend. On macOS it teams really well with macOS Paintbrush’s “New from Clipboard”.

These techniques came into play with the recent Javascript Oninvalid Pattern setCustomValidity Event Form Validations Tutorial‘s dog story “composite image”, created via …

  • take photos with iPhone Camera app
  • share via Mail attachments to myself
  • open Gmail webmail and download the three images to Downloads folder on this MacBook Pro (using macOS)
  • open all three images in macOS Paintbrush … and …
  • rearrange and resize (via Image -> Image Size…) into three separate windows over the width and height of the screen … then …
  • screenshot (that screen) via control-command-shift-3
  • still in Paintbrush File -> New from Clipboard
  • though we did not partake, feel free to use macOS Paintbrush image editing talents to tidy up this first draft of the “composition image”, as required
  • File -> Save As… ne_lu_na.jpg
  • in FileZilla sftp transfer it over to the RJM Programming domain website
  • code the HTML within that blog post as per …

    <img src='//' style='width:100%;'></iframe>

Another interesting “composite image” we’ve also used is that in Gmail those images appear as thumbnails. You can zoom in on these as needs be, and screenshot that, as a simpler idea (but with worse resolution).

If this was interesting you may be interested in this too.

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