Phone iPhone App On Hold Speaker Phone Tutorial

Phone iPhone App On Hold Speaker Phone Tutorial

Phone iPhone App On Hold Speaker Phone Tutorial

Know the blurb below sounds idiotic. But in our defence Smart Phones are so much more than the Phone (app) … wouldn’t you say?

Okay, so yesterday we used an Apple iPhone Phone app to call someone. Gasp! We were put on hold. It was then that it occurred to us that both of us wanted to hear, so that we could wander around doing things while the iPhone Phone was “on hold”.

But all we saw was the iPhone’s “number dialer screen” (apparently).

Thankfully we got to this excellent link

Accessing the “speaker phone” during a call.
Once I am in a call, how do I activate the speaker phone? While on the call, the “keypad” shows, but there seems to be no way to turn on the speaker phone. The only time I can put my call on the speaker is before I connect with the party I am calling. Many a time in the past few days, especially while “on hold” it would have been easier to lay the phone down and turn the speaker on. I can’t do that once in the call.

iPhone 6

Posted on Jan 20, 2015 10:30 AM

Jan 20, 2015 10:37 AM in response to samoting

If when on a call you can only see the number dialer screen, Tap the “Hide” text at the bottom right corner of the screen to return to the phone options. Then Tap the Speaker icon to turn on the Speakerphone.

… via this Google search “phone do not see speaker icon while on call” first off, and then used Google search “iphone phone number dial screen hide text bottom right” to clarify.

The great advice had us tapping the “Hide” text on that “number dialer screen” (apparently), a counterintuitive step delivering great joy, with a “Speaker” icon tap to follow up, and make our day! Yayyyyyyy!

If this was interesting you may be interested in this too.

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