Workplace Concepts Game Primer Tutorial

Workplace Concepts Game Primer Tutorial

Workplace Concepts Game Primer Tutorial

Here’s a new web application project. Content wise we take …

  • a workplace concept …
  • link that concept to one or more categories namely “rights”, “responsibilities”, “ethical”, “unethical” …
  • organized into a single dimension array with semicolon and plus sign delimitation … in order to create …
  • a web application game where the user presses buttons to categorize workplace concepts

As you might imagine one person’s categorize can overlap and confuse for another person, but that is another matter.

We organize the categories “rights”, “responsibilities”, “ethical”, “unethical” into HTML table heading (th) elements with associated (ie id is same as category name) non-header row cell (td) elements that get appended to by the user answers.

New today was an idea we had to separate answer groups by td cells receiving a new hr (horizontal rule) element, but we want to improve that look (that gets ragged) over time.

Why not try the workplace_concepts.html‘s live run link to see what we mean.

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