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No Sim Card iPhone Capabilities Primer Tutorial

Just as we should not “dis” anybody’s “disabilities”, we think you should not “cap” the “capabilities” of (an old) iPhone with no Sim Card. Naturally a lot of us are interested in Sim Cards for our mobile devices, like discussed … Continue reading

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Sim Card via iPad with WiFi Primer Tutorial

We’ve got to admit to a funny history with Sim cards, and so it was, with a sense of trepidation, I approached a Sim card job on an iPad with WiFi for a student recently. It’s bad enough stuffing up … Continue reading

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Sim Card Primer Tutorial

Sometimes with our dogs, Luna and Nala they do funny (or stupid) things that make me think of them as “Sinatra’s Dogs”. Why Sinatra? Well, it’s the name, sometimes, he used to refer to something as “stUpid” … and it … Continue reading

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