MeteorJS Framework Primer Tutorial

MeteorJS Framework Primer Tutorial

MeteorJS Framework Primer Tutorial

MeteorJS is a relatively new Javascript Framework to build web applications. Like NodeJS it uses Javascript at the server and Javascript at the client.

We installed MeteorJS and performed its ultra simple Hello World web client/server (HTTP://localhost:3000) web application, and couldn’t argue with Meteor‘s assertion that it is “The Fastest Way to Build Javascript Apps” because we were up and running with a Hello World within 5 minutes of visiting the webpage (all smart alecs looking at our PDF slideshow timestamps need to factor down the screenshot capture times).

In that PDF slideshow you can see the Javascript at the server and at the client, and see us amending the HTML code to affect the resultant HTTP://localhost:3000 webpage look.

If you are a fan of MongoDB then you will be happy to hear that MeteorJS interfaces to the MongoDB database functionality. Exciting stuff!

If this was interesting you may be interested in this too.

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