Javascript Course Primer Tutorial

Javascript Course Primer Tutorial

Javascript Course Primer Tutorial

There are lots of ways to learn, and can think of (at the very least), combinations of …

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Kinesthetic (movement)

There are lots of approaches within and among those modes of learning, also. Let’s take the broad brush topic area in computing I’d recommend as the top priority for web applications and development, the computer language “Javascript”.

As we’ve said before, “Javascript” is labyrinthine in its vastness, and you don’t have to set out to learn it all to get going. The thing is, out of …

  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • MySql and phpMyAdmin
  • SSH
  • SSL
  • Linux
  • Cron
  • Curl
  • Korn Shell
  • Apache

… “components” of the technical side to running web applications on our domain, although in fundamentals they consist of HTML web pages, the study of Javascript will make the biggest difference to how dynamic your webpages are.

Labyrinthine or not, Javascript learning can take many forms, and perhaps you should be open to lots of those different approaches. Today, to start our list of approaches we want to link you to a great online resource that came to our attention recently, thanks to Alex Nordeen, Editor at Guru99 …

  • Course Driven: Javascript Tutorials for Beginners is a very comprehensive course in Javascript covering topics such as Variables, Arrays, Loops, Conditional Statements, Functions, Cookies, DOM, Events in Javascript, Object Oriented JavaScript, Internal and External Javascript and Javascript Examples
  • Command Driven: Javascript Tutorials at W3Schools is extremely comprehensive, and we like to link to here at this blog
  • jQuery Driven: jQuery Javascript Library approach takes a Javascript library, in this case jQuery, and you run with it and its plugins such as Bootstrap, similar to …
  • YUI Driven: YUI Javascript Library approach takes the YUI Javascript library as the source …
  • Framework Driven: Google’s AngularJS tutorials take you through Javascript for an eCommerce application
  • Immersion Driven: Javascript Tutorials at (cough, cough) is a website where you don’t focus so much on Javascript, as much as to see how it works in combination with other “disciplines” in that list above, to see you learn how to create web applications

Of course, there are as many ways to approach such a big topic as there are pink sand grains on Bondi Beach, but we definitely want you to give it a go, and for 99% of us, am sure, you have to put down the books eventually and give things a go. Happily, with the Javascript (client) topic you can, without having to worry about IDEs or even an Internet connection, if you want to play around with a URL (in the address bar of your favourite web browser) such as for our MAMP local (Mac OS X (on a MacBook Pro)) Apache/PHP/MySql web server’s Document Root‘s australia.htm …


… but realize that after those first few plays around, not even needing a live Internet connection (but you won’t get the web inspectors to kick in with this scenario), you could plan for an Apache/PHP/MySql (led) future by installing MAMP with a URL …


“but there’s more” … with this local Apache/PHP/MySql you get the services of active web inspectors and, believe it or not, you still don’t need an Internet connection to do your work and testing (but, believe me, testing IS work, and most of it). Get the Internet connection and compare it to HTTP:// and forgot to say for any of these links, you need whatever media is required, in this case an image called australia.jpg which we’d have saved into /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/ (the (default) Document Root of a Mac OS X version of MAMP) off which we do all our web application development around here, using TextWrangler as a text editor.

If this is you, embarking on a quest to learn Javascript, congratulations and good luck!

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