Google Chart Image Chart Venn Chart Interfacing Primer Tutorial

Google Chart Image Chart Venn Chart Interfacing Primer Tutorial

Google Chart Image Chart Venn Chart Interfacing Primer Tutorial

So, moving on from Google Charts Image Chart Map Charts, today, let’s turn our attention to Google Charts Image Chart Venn Charts which we were dead set curious about given work we’d done in the past regarding Venn Diagrams, which we referenced when we presented Flowchart and Venn Diagram and Mind Map Token Subject Emoji Tutorial some time back. Gobsmackingly good is the Google approach, again, as you’d expect, but the approach covers different ground, so one feels one should go back to Primary School! You thought we were going to give away the answer to one of those security questions, didn’t you?! Didn’t you!?! Well, the answer is “Gryffindor Slytherin Ravenclaw Hufflepuff Junior Business College” … if you must know.

The sharing capabilities are good with the Google Charts approach too, given we are creating an HTML image, as our WordPress blog good ol’ 404.php has been woken up to address via …


if (strpos(('?' . $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']), '?cht=') !== false || strpos(('?' . $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']), '&cht=') !== false) {

$theqs=str_replace('??','?',('?' . $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']));
if (strpos($theqs, '?chs=') === false && strpos($theqs, '&chs=') === false) {
$theqs='?chs=' . $newWidth . 'x' . $newHeight . '&' . explode('?', $theqs)[1];

header('Content-Type: image/png');
echo file_get_contents('' . $theqs);



Yes, all these Image Chart smarts come, essentially, from a “one line” calling URL! Who’d have believed it! Shiver me timbers!

Well, it’s early days with this Venn Chart interfacing where we allow for …

  • circle (think up to three) definition … and the rest, in this first draft (hoping you’ve done some reading)
  • legend and title and colour selection user definitions dumped into a fairly unfriendly “the rest” Javascript prompt entry we ask of the user should they go ahead with the previous definition … and …
  • sharing and collaboration email and SMS functionality

… we hope you try via our “proof of concept” first draft image_venn.html Google Chart Image Chart Venn Chart interfacing web application you can also try below …

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