FocusWriter Writing Primer Tutorial

FocusWriter Writing Primer Tutorial

FocusWriter Writing Primer Tutorial

We totally get what the FocusWriter app sets out to do. And that is, a simple pared down document processing tool, not showing any of the distractions to you, the writer, writing. It may be that breakthrough for those with the dreaded “writer’s block”.

You can be accompanied in your writing endeavours by a “clacketty-clack” of keystrokes. And down the bottom, a “writing goal” reminder of a goal you can set for yourself, and reveal, as required. And that’s it, basically, though there are also (on an optional top menu) …

  • background themes
  • edit copy, cut, paste, find, replace
  • undo, redo
  • file save, open, new

Perhaps you need this for your first novel, and preview what might help you with your inspirational thoughts and musings, with today’s stream of consciousness PDF presentation of install and usage of FocusWriter.

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