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Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, originally and more commonly known as TikiWiki or simply Tiki, is a free and open source wiki-based, content management system and Online office suite written primarily in PHP and distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) license ( Wikipedia )

Mobile Upload HTML Tutorial

It was three days ago we said … We used to use the iOS mobile app called FTPManager to perform sftp file transfers up to our RJM Programming web domain on this iPad or iPhone, but now FTPManager Pro is … Continue reading

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Tiki Wiki CMS Upgrade Primer Tutorial

With CMS (Content Management Systems) systems there are advantages to performing an “Upgrade” rather than a “Reinstall” when you already have a working system going. That is because most established CMS systems will find a less intrusive method of getting … Continue reading

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Country Flag Quiz Game Primer Tutorial

Often, the simpler you make the working of a web application, the more appealing it is. Not always, but often. Lots of us like to test our knowledge with a quiz, and lots of us have our specialty subjects. So, … Continue reading

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Tiki Wiki experts please

How can a Tiki Wiki website administrator allow a non-admin user avail themselves of profile functionality (and not take over the profile itself)? Here’s the RJM Programming Tiki Wiki website … so far. If this was interesting you may be … Continue reading

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