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In chemistry, spectrophotometry is the quantitative measurement of the reflection or transmission properties of a material as a function of wavelength ( Wikipedia )

CSS Background Colour Usage Primer Tutorial

Have you ever done a webpage Edit->View Page Source or use Firefox’s FireBug to examine HTML and CSS regarding background colours used? For a lot of websites you’ll see, as far as background colours goes, a predominance of “big” RGB … Continue reading

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Emailing Microsoft Powerpoint Slideshow Primer Tutorial

Having seen computer desktop work being overtaken by work taking place on the web, in the iCloud, in Google Docs, in dropboxes, or hosted data places, it should come as no surprise that Slideshow work using the Microsoft Powerpoint Slideshow … Continue reading

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PowerPoint Web Slide Show Tutorial

Do you do presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint (Microsoft Office)? Do you present them as slide shows? They are very impressive, aren’t they? Have you ever tried the Slide Show of the PowerPoint presentation Saved As a Web Page? In my … Continue reading

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Another Desktop Job and its GUI Event Analysis

When there is a big job to do I really really like Event Driven programming. All around programming work are events, whether that be for web work or desktop work. It has probably increased over time, because of the increased … Continue reading

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