Text to Emoji Translation Primer Tutorial

Text to Emoji Translation Primer Tutorial

Text to Emoji Translation Primer Tutorial

We’re starting a new coding project, today, calling on the genius of Emojipedia for an …

Emoji-ize Text

… mangling of English … as well as an interesting substitutional feeling web tool.

Admittedly we started the day wondering about that “bluetooth icon” Spotify tutorial of recent times, wondering about how we could have improved the presentation via …

  • delayed iPhone photo technique … yes, but what if there was …
  • an emoji for that Bluetooth icon look a lot of us know by now

… and looking into that second idea was surprised that the Bluetooth icon, let alone emojis for concepts like WiFi or “Power On” (ie. concepts, by and large, we guess) will either never become emojis or will be slow to get to becoming an emoji. More, emojis suit our real object nouns in our languages, and so we wanted to write a substitutional web application to see whether my theorizing carries any weight.

The user enters into a textarea element their text of interest, then they click/touch a button, and this HTML/Javascript fillin_gaps_with_emojis.html parent asks of the called PHP fillin_gaps_with_emojis.php

Simple idea you might be interested in trying, in a new window, or below …

If this was interesting you may be interested in this too.

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