WeTransfer Primer Tutorial

WeTransfer Primer Tutorial

WeTransfer Primer Tutorial

Do you remember us starting a blog posting …

Are you into being on the go and using email as a way to keep valuable data safe (“in the ether”), or used as a backup, until you get to your destination? Or are you already using DropBoxes as an alternative to this … spoilsport! Never mind … “DropBox is an alternative to email.” So there, nyaaaaaargh. Guess a lot of people are using iCloud or Google Drive or other services for this same computer storage purpose at a bigger level.

? Well, on that posting we were trying out the brilliant DropBox for the first time with DropBox Primer Tutorial.

And that wrap could share a lot with today’s blog posting try out of WeTransfer

Welcome to
Simple file-sharing
No registration
It’s free

… and we’d say, very easy to use, and flawless, on our small case involving data less than 2gB, and so involving WeTransfer Free version. Perhaps easier than falling off a log, or even staying on the log?! Take a look.

If this was interesting you may be interested in this too.

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