Projector Viewing Primer Tutorial

Projector Viewing Primer Tutorial

Projector Viewing Primer Tutorial

Are you interested in swapping out a television viewing system of watching entertainment for a projector based one?

We recently acquired an Xgimi projector, and after setting up the projector with a decent screen to project to, found the setting up of streaming applications through Google Play, via, perhaps, a Gmail account, very easy, to the point we got the usual big players there, as well as the crossover to Apple TV via the Apple ID we had, and no need for the Apple TV hardware! It’s all there ready to go with the one Xgimi projector device (and stand, we found useful).

We’re sure it’s a pros and cons decision for you going this way, or not, but we found …

  • people feel less guilty coming and going from the entertainment viewing when there is no one television screen present (and we saw this as a pro)
  • the viewing screen is naturally big, rather than “damaging to the earth” big, as plasma screens can be
  • there are far fewer leads involved
  • only one remote works everything
  • when not watching (and we’d say, even when watching) the projector system it is not there unnecessarily soaking up attention
  • like back in school, some smart Alec, or stupid Alec, or both, might get to say …

    Down in front!

If this was interesting you may be interested in this too.

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