PHP Cookies Navigation Primer Tutorial

PHP Cookies Navigation Primer Tutorial

PHP Cookies Navigation Primer Tutorial

Today’s tutorial is a bit “against the grain” for how we normally think, as far as navigation in web applications, goes. For us, that is because …

  • Instead of our usual $_GET (ie. equating to ? and & web address bar URL parts) and $_POST (or even $_FILE uploads) we consider the use of serverside (PHP) cookies via use of $_COOKIE
  • Instead of our usual clientside HTTP Cookie (along with Javascript) code today we use PHP serverside cookie code via setcookie usages for parent updates of a “receiving” child piece of PHP within the parent’s HTML iframe element, the URL of which remains the same, navigated to by parent PHP calling itself to prompt cookie updates and HTML iframe redisplays

As well as that new tab live run access method for sender_of_cookie.php parent’s supervision of receiver_of_cookie.php child (within HTML iframe element) navigation, there is nothing wrong with the parent being an iframe itself as per the access method below …

Did you know?

The PHP $_REQUEST is like a superglobal associative array that consists of …

  • $_GET
  • $_POST
  • $_COOKIE

If this was interesting you may be interested in this too.

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