Opt-in Versus Opt-out Australian Government Service Primer Tutorial

Opt-in Versus Opt-out Australian Government Service Primer Tutorial

Opt-in Versus Opt-out Australian Government Service Primer Tutorial

Here, in Australia, the public discourse has had quite a few issues involving opt-in versus opt-out public services recently. Think about the …

  • My Health Record … which is opt-out as far as the public goes (ie. you get a health record unless you as the public make the effort to opt-out) … and just this week …
  • New South Wales Vehicle Registration notifications are opt-in (ie. membership of the Service NSW system is optional and with this arrangement, or joining up, the default setting for notifications is that none are sent out)

… the latter of which has indirectly caused some consternation this holiday period with people getting booked for lapsed vehicle registrations and third-party insurance.

We decided on that latter issue to resurrect the notifications again, which we got the heads up regarding the practicalities of this, thanks, from this useful Sydney Morning Herald webpage. In broad brush terms …

  • Are you, the registered owner of the NSW (Australia) vehicle involved, registered with Service NSW?
  • No: click Register (or Sign Up) link to sign up, where your email address is the uniquely one-to-one username associated with your Service NSW account (and crucially, wherever it offers Notifications check that checkbox as you create that account) … then join in with the “Yes” people with …
  • Sign in to Service NSW account, and as necessary, update your Profile with Name and Street Address (and crucially, wherever it offers Notifications check that checkbox) and optional Mobile Phone and Backup Email, details
  • Click/touch Browse Services menu link up the top and select the Transport link off that
  • Click the “Customer and vehicle details” button and that links you and your vehicle registration details to your email (and notifications, that way) via your Service NSW account

We’d like to share with you some of our experience with today’s PDF slideshow presentation of us needing to Register a new account with Service NSW.

Did you know?

It was this same registration of a Service NSW account that gained us access to the Green Slip refund offered by the NSW Government in the second half of 2018.

If this was interesting you may be interested in this too.

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