Microsoft Money for Windows Primer Tutorial

Microsoft Money for Windows Primer Tutorial

They say we should all become financially literate. They say money doesn’t grow on trees. They say “count your pennies, and the dollars take a holiday” … fooled yah!

But, seriously, even if you could do with some financial literacy, or even if you (totally) are, manperson, you could benefit from the observations of others, and the discussion and news of others, couldn’t you?

And so, curious to see it on a Windows 10 desktop computer, we decided to give the Microsoft Money application a go, and found it to be a very interesting first glance into this world of (picking out its particular strengths) …

  • News Aggregator regarding …
    1. Personal Finance
    2. Investment
    3. Real Estate
  • Stock Tracker
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Currency Calculator

If you read about the history of Microsoft Money from the days in 1991 when it started as a purely desktop application, but had …

  • View Bank Account balances
  • Create Budgets
  • Tracking Expenses
  • Personal Finance
  • Management Software

… you’d have to conclude, as does Wikipedia’s article, that as of 2011, when many online services of above were discontinued, its “all things to all people” feel would have dissipated, but we can still see a useful aspect to it for the reams and reams of people out there who are just seeking information for themselves, before involving Financial Advisers and such.

And so, if you are looking for 2010’s Microsoft Money (or even Microsoft Money Plus Sunset), please look no further than the Windows Store (besides, if you are standing right in front of the Windows Store, am sure you wouldn’t be able to look past it anyway?!) However, we’ve put together a “sneak peek” “stream of consciousness” “bigger than Ben Hur” PDF slideshow of us trying it out in its modern incarnation, minus the Personal Accounting, Book Keeping and Management. We recommend looking around elsewhere for this more “trust an app with finances” strategy, not one we’d necessarily recommend.

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