Flowchart Primer Tutorial

Flowchart Primer Tutorial

Flowchart Primer Tutorial

A few things have come together recently to make it good to now tackle a project we’ve wanted to try for some time, that being Flowcharts. We’ve got to the “ephemeral” stage of development today, being able to display in a web application, on the screen (thanks to Online CSS3 Code Generator With a Simple Graphical Interface – EnjoyCSS), displaying …

  • oval for “Start” and “End”
  • rectangle for statements or actions
  • diamond for questions controlling the “flow” in “flowchart” … and connecting these …
  • lines that have a red bit at one end (serving as an arrow … place another line next to the last going the other way and that could be a connector with two arrows)

… and it may interest you to know that despite recent SVG work for us here at this blog, and lots of HTML5 canvas element work in the past, we use neither of these two concepts here today, and still think in days to come we can add “accountability” into the mix with today’s HTML and CSS and Javascript flowchart.html Flowchart web application you can try at this live run link.

What helped recently then?

If this was interesting you may be interested in this too.

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