Audio and Video Supervised Conversions Primer Tutorial

Audio and Video Supervised Conversions Primer Tutorial

Audio and Video Supervised Conversions Primer Tutorial

Were you here, or remember, the blog posting called MacOS Document Conversion Primer Tutorial, when we surmised …

A good thing about a “version control” or “source control” system is that you can …

  • “pick up” from any version …
  • “clone” to another name …
  • “branch off” immediately into a new version …

… to effectively “clone” the suitable progress point from a previous project as the start to a new project.

… ? Well, yesterday’s Pandoc Document Conversion Email Tutorial felt like another such “cloning” possibility, as it felt like a “progress point” (to me and Nala). Such “cloning”, to our mind, is a bit “over the top” if there is no good reason. But we think there is. Lately, we’ve been developing “Document” conversion software. In Information Technology, under the banner of “document processing”, that work is of interest. Another area of Information Technology software concerns media … to us, that being …

  • image
  • audio
  • video

… and it is in this “Media” field, starting out with just (the) “audio and video” (options) above, we feel we’d like to start developing “Media” conversion software, because we know of a brilliant Open Source suite of software called ffmpeg that we want to work with here. Though you might say we are “the hangers oners” in this arrangement, it is true in a lot of life’s work that getting to the smart stuff is not as easy as you’d think, and the better you can arrange it, the more efficient will the users of all this software feel.

You’ll notice with our blog posting title there being no mention of macOS or Mac OS X today. Yes, today’s “media” helper is Open Source across operating systems and we so far are not checking that you have installed ffmpeg or not. For now, it is a “suck it and see” approach. But we do not want to install ffmpeg up at our public domain web server, and so we write this “Media Conversion” software with the thinking that on your local computer you may install ffmpeg and find it then useful to download the cloned macos_ffmpeg_convert.php PHP code to a place suitable to work it into the use of a PHP (perhaps Apache) local web server product such as MAMP. This PHP calls on our File API friend, a changed client_browsing.htm local file browser web application.

If this was interesting you may be interested in this too.

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